India Launch New PUBG Mobile alternative SICO: How To Install SICO?

Dubbed as an alternate to PUBG Mobile SICO: Special insurgence Counter Operations is associate degree forthcoming mobile multiplayer action and fashionable combat title. it’s developed and revealed by the Indian studio, Indo-Aryan Arena.

PUBG Mobile’s ban has created a huge void within the mobile play section, because it is one in every of the foremost compete titles within the Indian market. The game’s quality is unmatched. Banking on the Battle Royale genre’s success, varied Indian titles have return up “as alternatives.

The approaching title, SICO, can offer varied exiting maps, characters, killstreaks, and fascinating multiplayer modes for users to relish with friends. The gameplay and medium trailer of SICO are discharged, and therefore the title’s pre-registration has commenced on the Google Play Store.

The game can offer a standard a hundred player battle royale mode and a campaign mode to have interaction in solo games and complete varied challenges and missions.

Besides this, the characters (Captain Shaurya Singh, Rudra, Ana, and Shiv) and maps like Warehouse, Vanam, Mandapa, Parvata offer Associate in Nursing Indian flavor.

Players are able to expertise the subsequent multiplayer game modes in SICO:

 Team Death Match

 Free for all


 Multiple Team Death Match

 Gun Race

Apart from this, SICO can provide numerous features that can keep users engrossed.


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