PUBG Mobile Cross 1 Billion Downloads WorldWide

PUBG Mobile has surpassed one billion downloads worldwide, Tencent proclaimed throughout the game’s third anniversary party on YouTube nowadays.

Pubg Mobile Cross 1 Billion Downloads WorldWide

PUBG Mobile was free globally launched in March 2018. the sport became a moment hit and has been steady growth ever since. Tencent has been keeping fans engaged with a relentless outflow of the latest content that has modes, maps, and more.

Three years later, the sport has crossed the billion mark in terms of downloads across android and iOS. Besides this, Tencent also disclosed the 2×2 kilometers Karakin map and collaborated with the Godzilla vs. Kong picture nowadays.

PUBG Mobile additionally declared that the sport surpassed one billion downloads globally. The title, discharged in 2018, was the fourth-most-downloaded game with quite 232 million installs in 2020.

PUBG Mobile was additionally the very best revenue generator last year, earning quite a pair of.6 billion USD. Since its origin, the Battle Royale entertainment has created quite four billion USD in player disbursement.

Pubg Mobile revealed The released date Of Karakin Map

The host, Spencer, declared that on Apr seventh, the new map, Karakin, would finally be accessible to any or all players. The sixth classic map was to date solely accessible within the beta version.

Karakin could be a 2×2 desert map, like Miramar however abundant smaller in size. it’ll feature a lobby of sixty-four players with new options like Sticky Bombs and import Tunnels.

Adam Wingard, director of the forthcoming picture show Godzilla vs. Kong, additionally wanted PUBG Mobile on its third day. He declared a replacement mode coming back to the sport, during which players would be a part of an unforgettable encounter with Godzilla and Kong.

A special announcement regarding PUBG Mobile esports was additionally created. officers declared a replacement foremost tournament for the summer, wherever prime groups from around the world would be invited on to contend for the last word title and a colossal prize pool.

The Pro Leagues of various regions additionally begin from March twenty third, followed by four Regional Finals (South Asia, Americas, South East Asia, and EMEA).

In 2021, the professional Leagues are enlarged to seven new regions as compared to 2020. the entire prize pool of the 2021 esports circuit also saw a hundred and eighty p.c increase to fourteen million USD.

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