Pubg Mobile Beta 1.3 Updates Introduce New Karakin Map, Demolition Zone, Glider and More

 Karakin may be a new 2×2 map kind of like another desert map, Miramar. This map relies on North America’s deserted space. it’s featheredged with stones and sand. This new map can have Smuggle Tunnels and Sticky Bombs, that detonate on buildings’ walls once placed on them. Currently, the map can enable solely 64 players to join.

Demolition Zone could be a a lot of deadly version of the Red Zone. this could simply flip Karakin buildings into ashes. The demolition zone are going to be marked as a Purple space. Before beginning, associate alarm can sound, players have to be compelled to break loose the buildings to be safe, once the zone starts all buildings are going to be destroyed in no time

The sticky bomb could be a new throwable in Karakin. it’s a sort of bomb that may be wont to destroy walls or roofs by planting it on them. Once a sticky bomb is employed on walls, the structure are going to be reborn into rubbish and thence, one will take shelter behind such fallen objects once they ar in battle.

The Motor Glide are the primary aerial vehicle in PUBG Mobile. this can be a roadster aeroplane that desires sensible speed to take-off and once it’s within the air, it consumes loads of fuel supported the speed. Currently, Motor Glide are accessible in Erangel and Miramar maps for currently.

The PUBG Mobile Global version 1.3 beta APK

Follow the steps to install PUBG Mobile Kr version 1.3 beta apk.

Step 1: Download the Pubg Mobile apk.

Step 2: Enable Installation From Unknown Sources: Settings > Safety and Privacy > Allow Installation from Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Then Click to Install it.

Step 4: then Open it and select the desired resource pack you want.

Step 5: Once you open, it will ask for an invitation code.

Step 6: Enter Invitation Code and Click play Button

Do you still miss enjoying PUBG Mobile in India? allow us to apprehend within the comments.


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